Fill Out Our Online Finance Application Today

Before heading to Medford BMW for a test drive, feel free to fill out our online finance application. With just some basic information, the application will be done and you'll be one step closer to driving away in the car of your dreams. If you have any questions as you fill out your application, feel free to contact us using any of the available contact methods. Here are a few reasons why filling out the online application is a great idea for drivers in the Central Point, OR region.

Save Time at the BMW Dealership

While we enjoy spending time with you at our dealership, we know you've got other places to be. By filling out your finance application online, you can help save time at the dealership, plus you can take a look at our current auto finance offers. Though we'll need to verify the information you provide, we'll be able to start that process as soon as you click "Submit." When you arrive at the dealership, you'll be able to focus more on the vehicle you're interested in rather than the process of paying for it.

Shop at a Slower Pace

Some financial information will be required as you fill out your application. By completing the application at home, you will be able to work through this information at your pace, ensuring you fill in the correct numbers at every step. You'll also have easy access to any necessary documents to ensure you don't forget anything crucial that could cost you time and frustration later on at our Grants Pass area dealership.

Your Information is Safe With Us

We want to assure you that filling out our online finance application is totally safe. When you submit your information, it is encrypted using industry-standard protocols that are recognized in the Ashland area as being safe and secure. When the information arrives on our end, it is only seen by the select few people who absolutely need to see it, such as a sales manager or finance manager.

If any of your information needs to be printed at any point during the process, the resulting documents will be retained in a locked and secured location until they are no longer needed. After they are obsolete, they will be securely destroyed using a third-party shredding and recycling company. All that is to say that we take the security of your private information seriously and believe that you will be delighted by the process of filling out our online finance application. If you're ready to use our trade in valet service or chat with a finance representative, reach out to the friendly staff at Medford BMW.