My Lease Is Ending So Now What?

You have an important decision to make. Your lease is ready to end. You don't want to be left without a vehicle. You have several choices. You want to make the wisest one. It all depends on your budget and love for your current vehicle.

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Halloween Safety and Common Sense

Halloween safety equals common sense. Kids aren't always prepared for the holiday. They get excited going door-to-door. The thrill of receiving candy upon trick-or-treating brings out excess energy.

That's why parents need to encourage a little more common sense. Parents should urge kids to look both ways before crossing a road. The kids should travel in larger groups so they are more easily spotted by oncoming vehicles. Parents also need to accompany kids when they can. 

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Should You Lease Your Next BMW?



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There isn't anything quite like the thrill of taking the wheel of a brand new BMW model. The only thing more exciting that we can think of is driving a brand new BMW every few years.

This is something you can experience when you lease at Medford BMW.

Buying vs. Leasing

Buying a vehicle makes it yours while leasing a vehicle is a bit like renting, except you get to drive it for a few years before you bring it back.

Why lease?

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Meet the BMW Plug-In Hybrid Sport Sedan

When BMW takes a car idea, they run with it. Take the hybrid sedan, for example. When BMW wanted to make a hybrid sedan, they did it right, releasing the plug-in BMW 330e iPerformance sport sedan last year.

The 330e iPerformance is one of our popular 3 Series models from BMW that we sell here at Medford BMW. It's a gorgeous 3 Series sedan with a powerful hybrid powertrain.

The 2017 BMW 330e iPerformace is rear-wheel drive and it comes with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. It also has an eight-speed automatic transmission and a combined battery-electric drivetrain. The…

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BMW's Electric Cars Get Better and Better


At Medford BMW we just continue to be amazed at the innovative technologies the engineers at BMW think up and we often find ourselves wondering - what will they think of next?

Well, this time the answer comes in the form of amazing, wireless charging for certain BMW electric models.



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The 2017 BMW 3 Series Makes Your Vehicle Intriguing to Explore!

With intriguing designs and pioneering features, the 2017 BMW 3 Series models are making a statement. Each model holds a substantial amount of features and amenities that you can enjoy. You are guaranteed an electrifying ride when taking a 2017 BMW 3 Series for a whirl. There are distinct elements incorporated into the exterior of the designs that will leave you speechless. The interior of the models possesses a level of sophistication that many will find exhilarating...

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BMW Remains at the Forefront of Innovative Technology Wave


BMW has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to luxury, high tech features and creature comforts. Here at Medford BMW we're happy to say that trend continues with the company's 2017 models.

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One of the most innovative features BMW has come up with this year is wireless charging for your smartphone.

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