Explore the 2018 BMW 2 Series

We here at Medford BMW believe that a sports car should not only look good but be able to perform as well. Introducing the BMW 2 Series, this popular coupe or convertible lineup is designed to be impressive.

You have two options to choose from, but whatever you choose, you will be impressed. The adaptive LED headlights follow every curve so that you know where you’re headed.

Under the hood of each BMW 2 Series you’ll find an impressive 335 horsepower engine that can go from 0-60 in a little over four seconds. With variable sport steering, you…

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BMW 3 Series Overview

Top-ranked in the luxury small car market, the 3 Series received higher ratings in safety and performance than in any other category. In terms of design, the 3 Series is a little bigger than the 2 Series but has a few trims and power considerations. This is one of the reasons it does so well in performance. Drivers find that the BMW 3 series is comfortable inside with a lot of space. The new head lamp and fog lamp design makes it dreamy to look at, too.

The available engines will start at 180 horsepower at the base but go…
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BMW 4 Series Overview

The latest 4 series is serving up some finely tuned engineers and impressive interior features. In fact, it's received one of the highest ratings for style and interior from US News & World Report. The engines, suspension, and sport trims are also incredibly popular as drivers look for ways to turn their BMW into a pick up and go sports car or a luxury class sedan.

US News & World Report ranked the 4 Series in the top 10 of luxury small cars. It received high marks in reliability, safety, interior, and comfort. There is a lot of room in the…
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Some Exciting Features of the New BMW 6 Series

The all-new BMW 6 Series is a full-size luxury car that is turning the automotive industry on its head. Take a closer look at some of these safety features in the car.

The Lane Departure Warning system is designed to make driving the BMW 6 Series safer. This system will scan the road surface and be able to identify when the BMW is beginning to drift out of the lane. If this happens, vibrations are sent to the steering wheel until the drive stops and takes corrective action.

The Frontal Collision Warning system in the BMW 6 Series protects the…
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How to Choose a Floor Mat

If you are looking to customize your vehicle, carpet can be the best way to accomplish that goal. Carpeted floor mats can be embroidered with a person's name or initials to let everyone know who owns it. They also come in a variety of colors and styles to allow you to put your own touch on it.

If you just need something that is easy to clean, a rubber floor mat is the best option. It can be wiped down or cleaned with a hose to get rid of larger messes. They are ideal for parents with children or…

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Explore the 2018 BMW X series

Engineered for the road ahead, the 2018 BMW X series can handle both the city streets and the open road. But what makes the BMW X such a popular luxury SUV?

xDrive is the name of your BMW X’s intelligent AWD system. It adapts to the road conditions by adjusting the torque sent to each of the wheels.

Speaking of power, the X provides up to 445 horsepower from its dynamic engine and is designed to be fuel efficient without sacrificing power with up to 56 MPG.

With up to three rows of seating, your BMW X has room…

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Safely Jump-Starting Your Car with a Different Vehicle

To jump-start your car battery, you'll need to have another running car move into position nose-to-nose so the two batteries are as close as possible. Turn the car engine off, open both of the hoods and start unraveling the jumper cables.

The jumper cables have black and red clamps. First, attach the red clamp to the positive terminal on the battery holding the charge. Next, attach the red cable to the positive terminal on the battery in need of the jump-start. The one black jumper cable goes to the negative side of the charged battery. 

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Tire Pressure Lights Indicate Problems That Need to be Checked

The BMW service staff here at Medford BMW encounters many questions from valued customers about tire pressure sensors. They can use sensitive diagnostic equipment to tell if there is any malfunction in the sensor arrays, or if environmental conditions are causing concern for drivers in the Medford, OR area.

The main reason a tire sensor light comes on is low pressure in any tire. Vigorous driving in cities like ours tend to put a great deal of stress on tires and suspension systems. 

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How Does Synthetic Oil Work?

The average driver doesn't always think much about the type of oil put in an engine. Don't be average. Look closely at the value of synthetic oil. Understanding what synthetic oil does allow you to make an appropriate decision when oil change time arrives.

Synthetic oil provides greater protection than traditional conventional oil and even high-mileage oil. Synthetic oil delivers improved protection, performance, fuel economy, and even cleaning. An added benefit to synthetic oil involves its ability to help the engine in climates involving extreme temperatures...


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Keeping Your Exhaust System in Shape

Think of the exhaust system as your car's lungs--starting at the cylinders, it collects emissions, moves them past the oxygen sensors, refines them with the catalytic converter, and finally pushes them through the muffler. All of this keeps your car running smoothly and quietly.

Such a complex system, however, can develop problems anywhere down the line, and these problems can affect everything from gas mileage to surface damage and even the air you breathe as you drive.

Medford BMW has an extensive service department that can diagnose any issue your car's exhaust system might have...

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