The new BMW XM was confirmed this year, and it's expected to be on the road in 2023 in Medford, OR. The XM is not just an upgrade from previous X models. It was specifically designed with a special place at the top end of BMW's offerings.

Perfect for Drivers

With characteristics perfect for drivers around Grants Pass, the XM has a split headlight design that includes daytime running lights. Placed below the main headlights is a special recessed LED Matrix headlight. This is consistent with what BMW has offered with the X7.

Compared to the BMW iX, the grille is more compact on the XM; however, you can also see similarities to other electric SUVs. The XM is built to blend two concepts, unlike anything BMW has previously offered. It offers the sporty feel that the M is known for, in addition to luxury comfort features that can be found in the 7 Series, which is perfect for drivers around White City.

The front of the cabin boasts sporty seats with a second row that is very spacious. The floor is almost completely flat, allowing for plenty of legroom. The rear doors even offer seat bolsters, an interesting and unique feature for drivers near Klamath Falls. These bolsters add more cushioning to the area between the seat and the side of the door. This means that instead of facing forward, passengers can sit at an angle, which makes it easier to converse with others.

How it Differs from Other Models

The XM differs from other BMW models in that it is still a performance SUV, but it offers a hybrid option, which is great for drivers in [GEO]. The SUV still offers a ton of power. It includes a 4.4-liter V8 engine that can go from zero to 62 miles per hour in just 4.3 seconds.

Take it for a Test Drive

The XM boasts impressive power combined with family-friendly comfort features that are sure to impress drivers near Ashland, OR. Stop by Medford BMW in Medford, OR, to learn more, or take a test drive today.

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