Instead of a sport-utility vehicle, BMW prefers to call their X5 a sport-activity vehicle. This is more than your average mid-size SUV. This is a luxury vehicle through and through. Here at Medford BMW of Medford, OR, we would expect no less from a company like BMW. The BMW X5 is stylish, impeccably designed, and built with exceptional engineering.

The BMW X5 offers a smooth ride and advanced driving dynamics. This is the perfect vehicle for daily commutes or long road trips. It will keep you safe and comfortable no matter where you go. The BMW X5 is powered by an inline-6, a powerful turbocharged V8, or even a hybrid powertrain.

At the highest end of the spectrum, the BMW X5 produces an astounding 617 horsepower. The system is cooled by four water pumps, a transmission cooler, and six different radiators. Whether you're driving to the office or at the racetrack, the BMW X5 is sure to make an impression.

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