The 2020 BMW X3: What's New?

The 2020 BMW X3 is the company’s newest addition to their luxury SAV collection of vehicles. While the new BMW X3 has a plethora of exciting features, two that stand out are the outdoor focused design and the powerful engine. These features will allow drivers to get the most out of their X3, both on the road and otherwise.

Unlike other, similar luxury vehicles, the 2020 BMW X3 has eight inches of ground clearance. This allows you to drive to car wherever you would like to go. The well-balanced chassis of the vehicle ensures that it handles smoothly, even on rough roads.

A 355-horsepower engine with six cylinders provides plenty of power, enough to make the X3 feel powerful and luxurious. This, coupled with speed-focused designs, mean that you will never feel as though the X3 is lacking power. Come down to Medford BMW if you are interested in experiencing the X3 for yourself.


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