There Is So Much To Discover About The BMW X5

Choosing a Sports Activity Vehicle as your next car of choice brings with it a fair amount of benefits. There's the ability to adapt to various road conditions and also to ferry around a good size group of friends. With the X5, BMW is giving drivers these benefits along the premium luxury that they are known for.

Cruising around Medford is so much fun when done in the BMW X5. Before you even get into the X5, the vehicle is enhancing the driving experience. X5 models that have been equipped with Comfort Access will light up the "Welcome Carpet" and unlock the vehicle as you approach it. If the remote engine start is also equipped, then the X5 will be ready to go as soon as you sit behind the wheel.

Another benefit of the X5 that you'll discover upon arrival at Medford BMW is the Panoramic Moonroof. This feature gives drivers multiple angels to enjoy the daytime and night sky.



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