Get The Correct Wiper Blades For Winter

Drivers who live in places such as Medford know that winters can be harsh. The snow, sleet and cold temperatures can really damage a set of wiper blades. Many people don't realize that there are wiper blades specifically designed for the winter season.

The typical wiper blades that you will find on most vehicles are designed for summer weather. They are lightweight with a thin layer of rubber designed to clear away rain from the windshield. They aren't sturdy enough for heavy snow and sleet.

At Medford BMW, we have winter wiper blades available that help with the snow and ice. Winter wiper blades have a sturdy frame that helps them to hold up better against the weight of ice and snow. Winter wiper blades are also designed with a special type of rubber. This rubber will not become hard and stiff in the cold weather thus preventing cracking and breaking.



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