Oversteer and Understeer - What They Mean

Oversteering and understeering are two things that are common in certain types of vehicles. Because conditions can be hazardous under certain conditions, we at Medford BMW want you to be aware of how your vehicle is operating and if it is oversteering or understeering. Oversteering is when the tire or car turns sharper than you expected, and understeering is when it turns less than you expected.

While oversteering typically happens with rear-wheel drive vehicles, and understeering occurs with front-wheel vehicles, both types of vehicles can do both. Both phenomena have to do with suspension. Increasing suspension can help with understeer, and decreasing suspension can help with oversteer.

If your vehicle is performing incorrectly, and you suspect oversteer or understeer, bring it to our shop in Medford, and let our professional technicians have a look. While you’re waiting, pick out a vehicle from the lot and take it out for a test drive.



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