Overview of the BMW 6 Series

In the popular full-size luxury car class, the BMW 6 Series shines thanks to its hand sculpted exterior and ergonomically pleasing interior. From personalized road handling options to exquisite comfort and style, the BMW 6 line is sure to please.

The Gran Coupe, Gran Tourismo and Alpina B6 are the three distinguished models of the 6 Series, each with their own particular design enhancements. The Tourismo is built for a sportier driving experience, handling curves with ease and allowing its supercharged engine to devour the road. The Coupe is a more refined and luxurious model, built to bring along company in its generous back seat, while the Alpina takes BMW design to the next level with handcrafted detailing inside and out.

If you'd like to take one of the vehicles in the BMW 6 Series for a test drive, stop by Medford BMW. We've got plenty to choose from, and we can answer any questions you might have about this popular BMW series.



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