Tire Pressure Lights Indicate Problems That Need to be Checked

The BMW service staff here at Medford BMW encounters many questions from valued customers about tire pressure sensors. They can use sensitive diagnostic equipment to tell if there is any malfunction in the sensor arrays, or if environmental conditions are causing concern for drivers in the Medford, OR area.

The main reason a tire sensor light comes on is low pressure in any tire. Vigorous driving in cities like ours tend to put a great deal of stress on tires and suspension systems. Even new tires can have low pressure if there is a slow leak present or if terrible roads are driven every day. It is not uncommon for low tire pressure lights to come on across a driver’s dashboard in the morning. This is when tires are affected most by cool air.

In short, knowing what to do with a tire pressure warning light is confusing. It could mean that outside conditions are affecting the stability of tires, or some other problem is present. Either way, it is a good idea to have tires checked whenever a warning light comes on. Expert technicians can identify and solve problems that would normally result in troubles later on.

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