How do Extreme Weather Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

Each of the four seasons offers a special beauty, but there are certain steps that should be taken to keep your car battery in top shape. The extreme temperatures of winter and summer can cause excess stress on your battery if you don’t keep it properly maintained.

The cold requires both the battery and starter relay to exert more energy when starting the engine. The oil thickens when temperatures drop, and it takes longer to start your vehicle. Once it’s running, chances are you have the windshield wipers, headlights and heater running. That creates more work for the alternator to keep the system charged. The hot temperatures can be just hard on the battery. Since heat evaporates liquid, it’s a good idea to check the battery fluid on a regular basis. If the fluid gets too low, your battery will overheat.

Regular maintenance in the spring and autumn is recommended. We’re here at Medford BMW to answer your questions about the best way to maintain your battery.

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