Spare Tires: Are Compact Tires Better Than Full-Size Tires?

If you have had to change a flat tire, then you know it can be frustrating when a tire does not fit or cannot sustain a long drive home. Compact spare tires are typically included as a courtesy from a dealer. These are called donut tires. While they can fix an emergency situation, compact, temporary tires cannot be used for long-term driving. They are likely to pop or cause alignment issues.

Full-size tires can be purchased for an additional cost. Sometimes these are the same manufacturer as the original tires. With a full-size tire, you can achieve the same performance without damaging the tire from long-term use.

However, if you want a quick fix that is easy to lift, you may opt for a donut tire. These tires are also great for low budgets as you can typically purchase new or used for a rather low cost. You can purchase spare tires from Medford BMW. These tires are perfect for emergency or long-term replacement. This dealership has the perfect location in Medford, OR.
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