BMW 3 Series Overview

Top-ranked in the luxury small car market, the 3 Series received higher ratings in safety and performance than in any other category. In terms of design, the 3 Series is a little bigger than the 2 Series but has a few trims and power considerations. This is one of the reasons it does so well in performance. Drivers find that the BMW 3 series is comfortable inside with a lot of space. The new head lamp and fog lamp design makes it dreamy to look at, too.

The available engines will start at 180 horsepower at the base but go up to 444. There are a few different trims that are difference with the 3 Series, like the Gran Turismo. You can get up to 43 miles per gallon on the highway. With up to five seats in this vehicle, it's much more spacious and therefore a great vehicle for commutes, long drives, and road trips.

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