How Does Synthetic Oil Work?

The average driver doesn't always think much about the type of oil put in an engine. Don't be average. Look closely at the value of synthetic oil. Understanding what synthetic oil does allow you to make an appropriate decision when oil change time arrives.

Synthetic oil provides greater protection than traditional conventional oil and even high-mileage oil. Synthetic oil delivers improved protection, performance, fuel economy, and even cleaning. An added benefit to synthetic oil involves its ability to help the engine in climates involving extreme temperatures.

Synthetic oil comes in two forms: synthetic blend oil, an oil that combines synthetic and conventional oils, and also full synthetic oil. Vehicle owners should look at their car's age, mileage, driving conditions, and other factors to determine if blend or full synthetic oil delivers necessary benefits.

Drive your car throughout the year without worries about the quality of the oil. The mechanics at Medford BMW can help you select the right oil and, of course, perform the actual change.

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