Halloween Safety and Common Sense

Halloween safety equals common sense. Kids aren't always prepared for the holiday. They get excited going door-to-door. The thrill of receiving candy upon trick-or-treating brings out excess energy.

That's why parents need to encourage a little more common sense. Parents should urge kids to look both ways before crossing a road. The kids should travel in larger groups so they are more easily spotted by oncoming vehicles. Parents also need to accompany kids when they can. This is especially true for younger kids. Kids need to yield to oncoming traffic. They need to stay clear of the road and remain on the sidewalk. They need to make sure they are following basic traffic instructions. The road can be a dangerous place at night.

Halloween safety is important every single year. Kids have the urge to run across the street to the next lighted house. It's important to relax and visit those homes on the way back.

Parents should encourage kids to make stops on one side of the road first. They can then return to visit all the other homes on their way back. Our dealership hopes you enjoy your Halloween season with your family.

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