My Lease Is Ending So Now What?

You have an important decision to make. Your lease is ready to end. You don't want to be left without a vehicle. You have several choices. You want to make the wisest one. It all depends on your budget and love for your current vehicle.

  • You can certainly keep your leased vehicle at the end of the term. You can purchase it from the dealership at a much lower price.
  • You can also consider extending the leasing term long enough to make the decision.
  • You might want to exchange your lease for a new one. You might be one of those vehicle owners who wants to feel the excitement of a "new" car every few years. You can simply turn your lease in and lease another one.
  • You can hand in your keys and walk away. The end of your lease gives you this option. It's important to note you may be charged for any excess mileage or damage to the vehicle.

The important thing to remember is you have options. You have the ability to buy or find a completely new vehicle to lease from the same dealership. Come to Medford BMW to browse our extensive inventory of new and used vehicles today. We will help you make those crucial decisions by providing you with valuable information on our leasing programs.

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